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SBA 504 loans provide healthy, expanding businesses with long-term fixed asset financing. SBA 504 loans are competitively priced with a fixed interest rate for the life of the loan and a low down payment. CRDC can provide assistance anywhere throughout New Hampshire.

CRDC is an SBA Certified Development Company (CDC) for the State of New Hampshire. Our job is to market, process, originate, close and service SBA 504 loans to eligible small businesses for assets such as land, buildings, machinery and equipment. We have a professional staff that will work directly with you to develop a financing package that meets your needs as well as the 504 program guidelines and credit criteria. We make it our business to work side-by-side with your banker and provide you with an easy and user-friendly application process.


The main program benefits of an SBA 504 loan are:

  • Low down payments: typically 10% of the purchase price;
  • Below-market, fixed interest rates (click here for current rates); and
  • Long-term financing: up to 20 years.

Eligible Borrowers

Borrowers eligible for this loan include most for-profit businesses except those engaged primarily in lending, speculative investments, education, lobbying, or gambling.

Project Costs Source Lien Funding Limits Term Real Estate Term Equipment  
50% Bank 1st No Limits Market 7 yrs or longer  
40% 504 2nd $5,000,000 Fixed 10 yrs  
10% Borrower's equity can include cash, subordinated debt, or existing equity in project real estate.
New businesses (less than two years old) and special use buildings have an additional 5% equity injection requirement.

Eligible Uses of Proceeds

Borrowers can use loan proceeds to purchase, construct, or improve fixed assets with a useful economic life of at least 10 years, including real estate (land and buildings) as well as machinery and equipment. Other associated eligible project costs include professional fees (architectural, engineering, accounting), appraisals, environmental site assessments, interest on interim financing, and construction contingencies.

Loan Application Process

A CRDC Loan Officer is available to meet with you, answer any of your 504 questions, and assist you in completing the 504 loan application.

CRDC's 504 Loan Portfolio

CRDC has provided 504 loans to a variety of customers including manufacturing firms, hotels/motels, professional associations (lawyers, physicians, accountants, engineers, architects), elderly care facilities, retail stores, automobile dealerships, restaurants, day care centers and others. 

Program Summary

U.S. Small Business Administration , SBA 504

  • Maximum Loan Amount: $5.0 million, $5.5 million if manufacturing
  • Maximum SBA Participation: 40 percent of eligible costs
  • Eligible Uses: Purchase of land/existing building, new building construction/renovation, machinery/equipment purchase (10 year useful life).
  • Eligible Businesses:
    • For profit businesses
    • Tangible net worth of business not to exceed $15.0 MM
    • 2-yr average net income of business cannot exceed $5.0 MM
    • Real estate financed must be 51% owner occupied or 80% with new construction
    • Majority ownership US citizens or permanent residents
  • Eligible Territory: Statewide New Hampshire
  • Job Creation: 1 new job created for every $65,000 loaned ($100,000, if manufacturing)

For information please contact Chuck Gilboy or Jennifer Boulanger
CRDC • (603) 651-0679 or (603) 369-6147