CRDC Helps Local Chef Realize His Dream for Ownership

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CRDC Helps Local Chef Realize His Dream for Ownership

Say the name, Corey Fletcher around the restaurant industry in the Capital Region and many automatically think of his reputation for creating outstanding cuisine in the kitchen. Most recently, the former chef at Granite Restaurant & Bar, Corey has longed for a kitchen and restaurant to call his own. Today – he can. With the financial assistance of CRDC and Franklin Savings Bank, Corey purchased the equipment, furniture and fixtures of Sunny’s Table, a restaurant that closed at 11 Depot Street in Concord. Corey renegotiated the lease in the same location and just opened the doors to Revival Kitchen & Bar, a 70-seat restaurant described as ‘casual upscale atmosphere’ with a farm to table focus.

“I’ve always wanted to own my own restaurant,” said Corey Fletcher, owner Revival Kitchen & Bar. “I can pull a menu together pretty quickly, but I wasn’t sure how to pull everything together from a financing aspect. It was my SCORE mentor that helped introduce me to CRDC and Franklin Savings Bank, and from there everything really came to life.” SCORE is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping small businesses get off the ground, grow and achieve their goals through education and mentorship.

 “CRDC was called in very early in the financing process,” said Jennifer Boulanger, CRDC Loan Officer. “Working with Franklin Savings Bank, we put together a financing package that would really work for Corey and allow him to not only finance the purchase of the equipment but give him the financial flexibility to renovate and create his vision for a new urban dining experience in Concord.”

“Once we got started, the process was seamless between CRDC and Franklin Savings Bank,” said Corey Fletcher, “It was obvious that CRDC and the Bank had worked together before. They communicated well between each other and with me. It was a quick loan process – I think I closed on the loan within a month of first approaching both CRDC and Franklin Savings Bank.”

Revival Kitchen & Bar is now open in downtown Concord and offers farm to table cuisine. 

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